XIII International Violin Competition


1.  Violin Competition will be conducted in four age categories:

Category A – participants  up to 10 years old
Category B – participants up to 14 years old
Category C – participants up to 18 years old
Category D – participants from 18 years of age

2.  The Competition has two stages for all age groups.

3. Program konkursu:

Category A
I Stage – etude
II Stage – free program to 10 minutes

Category B
I Stage – 2 etudes lub capriccios
II Stage – free program to 15 minutes

Category C
I Stage – 2 etudes or capriccios
II Stage – free program to 15 minutes

Category D
I Stage- 2 capriccios ( N. Paganini, H. Wieniawski or other)
II Stage – free program to 20 minutes

4.  The jury’s decisions are final.

5.  Competition date: 9-10.09.2019

I Stage
9 August 2019 in Wroclaw (Poland)

II Stage
10 August 2019 in Wrocław (Poland)

6.  The entrance fee is 50 € (for participation in the hearings in Wroclaw). Payments should be made to:

Michael Szykulski – IBAN:   DE43 7905 0000 0002 1035 88


just before competition, in cash.

7.  Applications should be sent to: michael-szykulski@t-online.de

8.  The organizers will provide accompanist (cost 50 € from participant). It is also posible to come with personal accompanist.

9.  Die Teilnahme am Wettbewerb ist gleichbedeutend mit der Annahme der Bedingungen und der Zustimmung zur Verarbeitung personenbezogener Daten und der Verwendung des Images des Teilnehmers gemäß den Anforderungen des Wettbewerbs.

Download: Registration card